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    How do I know which Nike Training Club workout is right for me?

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    There are more than 100+ workouts at your fingertips with the Nike Training Club app. Use the categories below to find the right workouts for you.

    Workout Focus

    • Strength: Get fit and build lean muscle
    • Endurance: Improve cardio and overall fitness
    • Mobility: Gain flexibility for full-body fitness

    Note: Measure your progress overtime using Benchmark Workouts. Benchmark Workouts can be found in the Strength and Endurance workout focus groups and are stored in your Activity history.

    Workout Types

    • Yoga Workouts
    • Athlete Workouts
    • No Equipment Workouts
    • Short Workouts
    • NTC Classics


    • Duration
    • Level
    • Intensity
    • Equipment
    • Type
    • Focus

    View All

    Tap View All at the bottom of the Workouts tab to access the entire NTC workouts library. You can also sort alphabetically or by featured workouts.

    Learn more about starting a workout here.

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