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    How do I share my Fitstar workout data with NikePlus?

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    FitStar Personal Trainer is a five-star app that delivers customized video workouts led by football legend Tony Gonzalez.

    To share your Fitstar workout data with NikePlus, follow the instructions below.

    Nike+ Fuel App for iOS (Mobile)
    1. If you haven't already done so, download and install the free FitStar Personal Trainer app for iOS
    2. In the Nike+ Fuel App for iOS, open the menu tray and tap "Partners"
    3. Tap the FitStar icon
    4. Tap "Connect"
    5. If prompted, enter your FitStar login information
    6. Tap "Allow"

    Your FitStar workouts will now earn NikeFuel and appear as NikeFuel Sessions in your Nike+ Fuel App workout history.

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