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    Nike+ Connect Code 45

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    The Code 45 message ("Nike+ Connect wasn't able to connect to") indicates no Internet connection or a miscommunication between Nike+ Connect and during a device's firmware update.

    If your device is displaying this code, try the troubleshooting steps below.

    1. Click "TRY AGAIN."
    2. If the first retry attempt is unsuccessful, try again up to three times.
    3. If Code 45 persists, please check your Internet connection to make sure it's active.
    4. If Code 45 continues, please visit to verify that the website is available. If the website is down for maintenance or otherwise unavailable, please try again later, when the site is available again.
    5. If you continue to experience Code 45, the problem may be with your computer configuration. If you are on a business computer, accessing a VPN network from home, behind a firewall, or connected via a proxy, you may experience issues connecting to NikePlus. Please try connecting your device to a home computer where these potential issues are not a factor. If no other computer is available to you, you may need to work with the network administrator to gain access to on your network.

    If you are unable to resolve or work around Code 45, please contact us.

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