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    Nike+ FuelBand Code 12

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    If Nike+ Connect displays a Code 12 message after you plug in your Nike+ FuelBand SE or first generation FuelBand, it means your device is no longer linked to NikePlus. You'll need to perform a factory reset in Nike+ Connect to resolve the problem.


    If you're experiencing Code 12, try the troubleshooting steps below:

    • In the Code 12 message box, click "Report." This provides Nike with important details about why you've experienced this issue. You will not receive a response to the report you submit. These reports are strictly for research and development purposes. To receive individual support, please contact us.
    • Click "Reset", which will initiate a factory reset of your FuelBand. Please note that a factory reset removes all user data and other information from the FuelBand.
    • If the factory reset cannot be completed on the first attempt, please retry two more times.
    • If three or more factory reset attempts through Nike+ Connect fail to resolve the issue, please attempt an alternative FuelBand factory reset.

    If you're unable to resolve Code 12, please contact us.

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