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    Calibrating the SportWatch GPS for indoor use

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    If you use the SportWatch GPS to record treadmill workouts, your watch will use the Nike+ Running Sensor rather than GPS satellites to collect pace and distance data.

    In order to get the best results from your Nike+ Running Sensor, you'll need to record a calibration workout outdoors before using your SportWatch GPS indoors. An outdoor calibration workout allows your SportWatch GPS to use GPS data, which is highly accurate, to fine-tune the sensor for stand-alone use indoors.

    Here's how to record a calibration workout on your SportWatch GPS:

    1. Find a good location for your calibration run. It should be free of tall buildings, thick vegetation, and other potential sources of interference between your SportWatch GPS and GPS satellites. Ideally, there should be a line of sight between your watch and the sky throughout your run.
    2. Press the Up or Down button on your SportWatch GPS to access the menu. Select "Run" and toggle both "GPS" and "Shoe Pod" to the "on" position.
    3. Wait until your SportWatch GPS has located the GPS satellites, and then walk around to activate the Nike+ Running sensor.
    4. When both sensors have been linked, select "Start" and begin your run.
    5. Run at least half a mile at a steady pace, without stops, pauses, or significant variations in pace. Feel free to run longer than half a mile. A longer run (a mile or more) is even better!
    6. End your workout. Your Nike+ Running Sensor should now be calibrated and ready for indoor use.

    Note: You will not see a specific indication that calibration has occurred. Calibration occurs invisibly and automatically when an eligible calibration run is recorded.

    After you've calibrated, you'll want to toggle "Shoe Pod" to the "on" position and "GPS" to the "off" position whenever you run indoors on the treadmill.

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