As of 4.30.18, we are retiring the Nike+ FuelBand, Nike+ SportWatch, and additional older technologies. Find out what this means for your NikePlus data and download the NRC and NTC apps to continue to track your progress.

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    Nike Levels stoke your competitive spirit. Many runners are competitive people who like to know where they stack up with other runners in terms of distance, pace and other key metrics. As you accumulate more miles, NikePlus recognizes your achievement by moving you up to the next level.

    Nike Levels are assigned to the following kilometer-based achievements:

    • Yellow: 0-49 kilometers or 0-30 miles
    • Orange: 50-249 kilometers or 31-154 miles
    • Green: 250-999 kilometers or 155-620 miles
    • Blue: 1,000-2,499 kilometers or 621-1,552 miles
    • Purple: 2,500-4,999kilometers or 1,553-3,106 miles
    • Black: 5,000-14,999 kilometers or 3,107-9,319 miles
    • Volt: More than 15,000 kilometers or 9,320 miles

    You can view your current Nike Level in Nike Run Club by going to your profile and selecting the button section displaying your current level and distance.

    Which FuelBand do I have?

    Do I have a FuelBand or a FuelBand SE? Look inside your band to find out.