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    How do I find or map a run route?

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    Nike Places, a section of, suggests popular nearby running routes and allows you to map your own running route.

    Go to to access your NikePlus Profile.

    1. Scroll over 'My Account' on the upper right hand side of the screen.
    2. Click on My Activity.
    3. Click on Running Routes on the menu bar on the left hand side of the screen.
    4. Now you can Explore, Create and view My Routes.

    Get the most from Running Routes by exploring, creating, and saving routes. Learn more below and by taking the tour.


    Displays Nike Top Routes created by Nike. You can view a map and description of a Top Route, search the Heat Map (which uses selected NikePlus user data to create a visual representation of popular running routes in our community) for popular runs, and follow that route on your next run. If you run one of the Nike Top Routes, will automatically ask if you want to share your run when you upload the run data.


    Allows you to map your own route. Use the zoom tool in the upper left-hand corner of the map to zoom in to street level, and click the "CREATE A NEW ROUTE" button to begin mapping. Click points along the map to route your run.

    The Snap-to-Roads feature automatically connects the points you mark on the map. If you're running off-road, deselect the Snap-to-Roads feature and create your points close together for best accuracy. Once finished mapping your route, name it, describe it, and tag it before clicking Save Route. The route will be added to the My Routes tab once finished.

    Note: The Create a run route feature is designed to help you plan your running route in advance, providing you with distance and the approximate total time to run the route based on your average pace. Nike Places does not offer in-run navigation, route matching with user-created routes, or route tagging.

    My Routes

    View the routes you've created and saved. You'll also see a list of the Nike Top Routes you have run. To remove a route you've created, select the route and click Remove.

    Note: You can take a tour of Nike Places at any time. Simply navigate to the "PLACES" tab and click on the "TAKE A TOUR OF NIKE PLACES" button at the bottom right of the screen.

    Take a tour of Nike+ places

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