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    Nike+ FuelBand Code 23

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    Code 23 indicates that Nike+ Connect is having trouble recognizing your Nike+ FuelBand SE or first generation FuelBand.

    Nike+ Connect is having trouble recognizing your Nike+ FuelBand

    If you encounter Code 23, we encourage you to click "Report" to send your Code 23 details to us. You will not receive an individual response by submitting a report. These are used only for research and development purposes. If you wish to receive individual support, please contact us.

    Click OK to close Nike+ Connect and then perform these troubleshooting steps:

    • Plug your device into your computer's USB port and perform a factory reset. After resetting your device, do not proceed with logging in to NikePlus or performing any other actions, even if prompted to do so.
    • Unplug your device from your USB port and plug it back in.
    • You may receive a prompt to update your firmware. If you do, click Update to install the new firmware. If the firmware update is successful, please complete these steps:
      • Follow the prompts to launch and sign in to NikePlus.
      • Unplug your device.
      • Shake your FuelBand or FuelBand SE to generate a small amount of NikeFuel.
      • Plug the device in to upload the NikeFuel you've just generated. If your NikeFuel syncs, Code 23 has been resolved.

    If Code 23 persists, if the firmware update cannot be completed, or if you do not receive a prompt to update, please contact us for further assistance.

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