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    How do I start a run with my Nike+ SportWatch GPS?

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    Before starting a run, be sure to complete the Nike+ SportWatch setup instructions.

    Once finished, follow these steps to start a run on the SportWatch:

    1. To quickly begin a run with your SportWatch, hold the Select button for 3 seconds. The satellite icon will blink until a signal is found. If your SportWatch is unable to find a signal, please review these SportWatch GPS tips.

    2. When the SportWatch display reads "Ready", press the Select button again to start your run.

      Start a run with your Nike+ SportWatch GPS

    3. During your run, you can scroll through your run stats in real time. Use the scroll buttons to click through your stat loop and check your elapsed time, distance, current pace, average pace, speed, average speed, calories burned, lap time, time of day, heart rate (beats per minute, or bpm, if you're using a heart rate monitor), lap time (if turned on) and Run/Rest counters (if you're in interval mode).

      Scroll through the Nike+ SportWatch stat loop

    4. To pause a run, press the Select button. Your run will remain paused for 30 minutes or until you press Select again to resume your run.

    5. To end your run, press and hold Select for 3 seconds. If your run is paused, you can end the run by scrolling to "end" and pressing Select.

      End a run with your Nike+ SportWatch GPS

    Other Helpful Steps

    You can customize your SportWatch display to fit your personal preferences:

    • Laps: Toggle off, auto or manual. Auto will automatically mark laps based on the distance or time parameters you choose in the Nike+ Connect settings. Manual will mark a lap whenever you tap the screen.

    • Intervals: Toggle off or on. Your SportWatch will use intervals you choose in the Nike+ Connect settings. When intervals are turned on, you'll see "Run" on the main screen as your run time counts down. You will then see your interval count down. Run and Rest times will switch back and forth until you've reached your goal. Note: Laps and Intervals can't be used at the same time.

    • New Sensor: Link to a new Nike+ Sensor or a Polar Wearlink+ Heart Rate Transmitter.

      If you need to link a new Nike+ sensor or make changes to your run settings, scroll to run and press the Select button. You can determine which sensor you want your SportWatch to use for when you begin your run (GPS, the Shoe Pod or Heartrate). Your SportWatch must have a clear view of the sky. GPS is not operable indoors.

      Link the Nike+ Sportwatch to a new sensor

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