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    Can I change the date of my Nike + iPod run?

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    A Nike + iPod run may have the wrong date listed because the iPod nano was charged using a wall or car charger, and not a computer.

    When charging with a wall or car charger, the iPod nano reverts to a default date, which is the date used for your latest run. When you upload the run to NikePlus, it will be labeled with the default date.

    To fix this issue for future Nike + iPod runs, plug your iPod nano into your computer. iTunes will automatically update the internal clock.

    You can avoid wrong run dates for future runs by recharging your iPod nano before the battery completely drains. If the battery completely drains, plug the iPod nano into your computer and allow iTunes to update the device or manually change the date and time on your iPod nano before your next run.

    If you have Nike + iPod runs with the wrong date, and you wish to change them, please contact us. We'll be happy to help you.

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