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    How do I link another sensor to my Nike+ SportBand?

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    The Nike+ SportBand is already linked to the Nike+ Running Sensor that was included with the device, but you can link as many as seven additional sensors.

    Linking multiple Nike+ Sensors to your SportBand is beneficial if you run in more than one pair of shoes or would like to calibrate different sensors for different paces or running conditions.

    To link a sensor to your SportBand, press and hold the Toggle button on the SportBand until you see "LINK" on the display. The link is complete once the "OK" message appears.

    When linking a new sensor, make sure you are not in the vicinity of any other sensors. You will see "WALK AWAY" if multiple sensors are detected.

    You can link up to eight different sensors. If you link to a ninth sensor, the link to the first sensor will be deleted.

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