As of 4.30.18, we are retiring the Nike+ FuelBand, Nike+ SportWatch, and additional older technologies. Find out what this means for your NikePlus data and download the NRC and NTC apps to continue to track your progress.

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    How do I review my Nike+ SportWatch GPS run history?

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    Uploading your Nike+ SportWatch GPS data to NikePlus is the best way to review and delete your full run history.

    To review runs directly on the device, follow the instructions below:

    1. Scroll to "history" from the main menu.
    2. Highlight a run and press the Select button to see run details like total run time, distance, pace and calories.
    3. Return to the run list by pressing the up or down button.
    4. Review Nike+ SportWatch run history from the device

    Note: Run data cannot be deleted directly from the SportWatch. Older runs will automatically be removed from your SportWatch when you reach the limit of 50 runs and accumulate new run data.

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