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    How do I calibrate Nike + iPod on iPhone/iPod touch?

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    The Nike + default calibration is very accurate, but for maximum accuracy you can calibrate Nike + iPod to your natural running or walking style.

    Calibrate Nike + iPod for running and walking using these simple steps:

    1. Pair a Nike+ Sensor (sold separately).
    2. Run or walk a specific distance at a steady pace. You must run or walk at least 400 meters (0.25 miles). For optimal accuracy, we recommend running or walking at least 1 mile. See our Nike+ Sensor calibration tips.
    3. After you end your workout, tap Calibrate on the upper right hand corner of the screen.
      Nike + iPod calibrate button location
      If the workout is not eligible for calibration (not long enough or completed at an unsteady pace), the Calibrate option will not be available. For optimum calibration to your stride, complete these calibration steps for your running stride and then again for your walking stride.
    4. Enter the actual distance of your run.

    The iPhone can sense whether your workout was a walk or run and correctly uses the new calibration to override existing data. Even after calibrating, the accuracy of the distance measurements may vary depending on gait, running surface, incline, and temperature.

    You can reset the Nike+ Sensor calibration by clicking the gear-shaped Settings icon on your iPhone or iPod touch home screen. Scroll down and select Nike + iPod, then click "Reset Calibration" at the bottom of the page.

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