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    How do I meet my Daily Goal on the Nike+ FuelBand?

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    As you move throughout the day, the Nike+ FuelBand SE or first generation FuelBand tracks your progress toward the NikeFuel Daily Goal you've set.

    The red, yellow, and green lights on the Nike+ FuelBand SE and first generation FuelBand represent your progress toward your NikeFuel daily goal.

    Your daily goal starts anew at 12 a.m. each day with a single red light and a flashing green light, which represents your Goal Complete Indicator.

    As you increase your activity throughout the day and earn NikeFuel, the colors on the FuelBand display gradually change from red to yellow to green.

    When you fill all the green lights — congratulations — you've reached your daily goal. The FuelBand will flash the green Goal Complete Indicator light continuously until you press the FuelBand button again to see your day's NikeFuel total.

    You will see a special celebration the first time you press the button after reaching your goal.

    The closer you get to your goal, the closer the Daily goal LED dots will get to green

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