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    How do I improve the accuracy of my Nike+ Running Sensor?

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    The Nike+ Running Sensor included with the Nike + iPod Sport Kit measures run pace and distance at 90% accuracy. Use these tips to improve the accuracy of your Nike+ Running Sensor:

    • Use a Nike+ ready shoe: Most Nike running shoes are Nike+ ready, meaning they have a pocket under the sock liner of the left shoe that is built specifically for the Nike+ Running Sensor.
    • Correctly place the sensor in the shoe: The logo of the sensor should be facing up and the Nike Swoosh logo should point toward the heel. The sensor is engineered to work best with Nike+ ready footwear. If you are not using a Nike+ ready shoe, you may not attain the optimum level of accuracy.
    • Complete a calibration workout on a measured track: While a workout of at least 400 meters is required for calibration, we recommend a workout distance of 1.60 kilometers, or 4 laps around a standard 400-meter track. Try to stay in the inside lane for the entire workout. See how to calibrate on the iPod nano or how to calibrate on the iPhone/iPod touch.
    • Complete your calibration workout at a steady pace: When you calibrate the sensor for your running or walking pace, run or walk at your normal pace for the entire workout. Don't finish faster than you started or take a break. Complete your calibration on flat terrain.
    • Reset the calibration: Be sure to reset calibration on your iPod or iPhone before starting a new calibration workout.
    • Calibrate multiple sensors for different workout styles: You can use multiple sensors. You can use one for fast days, one for slower days, and one for walking, for example. Be sure to label each sensor so you know which is which.

    Note: Your calibration workout will be saved on your device and used to improve the accuracy of your sensor on subsequent runs. However, it will not upload as a workout to NikePlus.

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