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    How do I improve GPS signal on the Nike+ SportWatch GPS?

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    Follow the tips below to improve the GPS signal on the Nike+ SportWatch GPS:

    • Dock the Nike+ SportWatch GPS to your computer before you run. Doing so updates GPS satellite positioning information used to obtain a link to the GPS satellites in your area.
    • Whenever possible, make sure the SportWatch has a clear, unobstructed view to the sky, away from tree cover and tall buildings.
    • Prior to running, stand still to allow the SportWatch to link with the GPS satellites. After linking to satellites, walk around to link the Nike+ sensor (shoe pod), if using one.
    • Wear the watch on the outside of your wrist so that the watch has the best line of sight with the GPS satellites.

    The more you use your SportWatch, the quicker your SportWatch will find the GPS signal when starting a run.

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