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    How do I change my Nike+ SportWatch GPS settings?

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    Change your Nike+ SportWatch GPS settings by first plugging the device into your computer and launching Nike+ Connect. Within the Nike+ Connect window, click the "Settings" button.

    From the Settings page, you can customize the following:

    • Profile: Once you setup your SportWatch and link it to your NikePlus Profile, the username, date of birth and gender fields will match the information in your NikePlus Profile. You can change your weight (to calculate calories burned) and your preferred distance units (miles or kilometers).

    • Time & Date: Set the time and date to automatically match the computer settings or manually set the time and date.

    • Customize Display: Set up your SportWatch to display only the information you want to see.
      • Pace/Speed Toggle: Allows you to view your workouts in minutes per mile or kilometer (pace) or in miles or kilometers per hour (speed).
      • Stat Loop: The available stats you can scroll through on the SportWatch during your run. You can select any or all of them:
        • Elapsed time: How long you've been working out.
        • Distance: How many miles or kilometers you've run.
        • Current pace: How many minutes per mile or kilometer you're currently running.
        • Average pace: How many minutes per mile or kilometer you've been running on average throughout your workout.
        • Speed: How many miles or kilometers per hour you're currently running.
        • Average speed: How many miles or kilometers per hour you've been running on average throughout your workout.
        • Caloric burn: How many calories you've burned during your workout.
        • Lap time: Your elapsed time within the current lap.
        • Clock: The current time of day.
        • Heart rate: Your current beats per minute (work only if SportWatch is linked to a Polar WearLink+ heart rate transmitter).
      • Favorite Stat: Stat displayed by default on your screen anytime you're recording a workout.

      • Sounds: Allows you to turn sounds on or off, or to enable sounds only during your run.

      • Inverted screen: Allows you to see your screen display as black-on-grey rather than grey-on-black.

      • Run Reminders: Select this box to see short motivational messages on your screen when you haven't run in a few days.

    Nike+ SportWatch GPS settings in Nike+ Connect

    • Laps & Intervals: Select off if you don't want to keep track of laps. Choose Manual Laps to mark your laps by tapping the screen on your watch during your run. Auto Laps will automatically mark your laps for you (e.g. every 1 mile). For interval training, simply choose how long or how far you want your run interval to be (e.g. every 2 minutes) and how long you want to rest (e.g. 1 minute). Your run and rest intervals can be in either distance or time increments.
      • Note: You can also turn laps and interval training on or off on the watch itself. In the SportWatch menu, select run then options.

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