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    My Nike+ SportWatch GPS can't get a GPS signal

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    If your Nike+ SportWatch GPS is unable to get a GPS signal, you can still start a run if you have the Nike+ Running Sensor already in your shoe. You may also want to check out our tips for improving your GPS reception.

    Select "run" on the SportWatch menu and ensure the sensor (Shoe Pod) is on. Choose "continue" to start your run, and the SportWatch will search for both the GPS signal and the Nike+ Sensor (and the Polar WearLink+ heart rate transmitter, if linked).

    The sensor will be activated as soon as you start to walk. If the GPS is not found right away, you can start recording by choosing "quickstart".

    The SportWatch will immediately start tracking your run with information from the sensor only (distance and pace). The SportWatch will continue to search for the GPS signal for a short time and will begin capturing GPS information once acquired.

    If the GPS signal is not acquired, the SportWatch will continue to capture basic run information from the sensor.

    If you cannot resolve the problem through troubleshooting, please contact us.

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