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    How do I link a Nike+ Sensor to my Nike+ SportWatch GPS?

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    The Nike+ Running Sensor included with your Nike+ SportWatch GPS is already linked to the device, but you can link additional Sensors.

    You may wish to have multiple Sensors in order to capture different activities (running vs. walking) or to keep Sensors in different pairs of shoes.

    Follow these steps to link a new Sensor to your SportWatch GPS:

    1. Scroll down on the SportWatch main screen and select run.
    2. Scroll up and select Options. Make sure the Sensor you want to link is the only one within range.
    3. Scroll down and select New Sensor.
    4. Walk around to activate your Sensor. If your SportWatch GPS does not detect the Sensor, take the Sensor out of your shoe and tap it on a hard, flat surface until the SportWatch GPS recognizes the link.

      Link sensor to Nike+ SportWatch GPS

    If the SportWatch can't find the Sensor, you may need to wake up the Nike+ Sensor. Once you record a workout in dual mode (with both GPS and the Nike+ Sensor connected), the Sensor will automatically calibrate.

    You can link your SportWatch with up to 8 total Nike+ Running Sensors. If you link more than 8 Sensors to your SportWatch, the settings for the first Sensor linked will be overwritten.

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