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    How do I reset my Nike+ SportBand?

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    If your Nike+ SportBand is not responding, a simple reset is a great troubleshooting step. Performing a SportBand reset does not affect any personal settings or unsynced activity.

    To reset the SportBand, press and hold the Record and Toggle buttons for 10 seconds. The SportBand display will read "NIKE" and then reset within a few seconds.

    reset Nike+ SportBand by holding down the Record and Toggle button for 10 seconds

    If you reset the SportBand while running, the recording will automatically stop. Your run data will be stored. The time will reset to 12:00, but will be corrected the next time you plug the SportBand Link into your computer.

    If resetting the device does not resolve the issue, you can also try a SportBand factory reset.

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