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    What happens if my Nike+ SportBand memory is full?

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    The Nike+ SportBand memory can store up to approximately 30 hours of run data.

    If the SportBand displays the "MEM LOW" message, you have about one hour of recording time remaining. If you are in the middle of a run, your SportBand will keep recording until the memory is full.

    Your SportBand memory is full if you see the message "MEM FULL". The message will blink twice on the SportBand display, and the SportBand will stop recording run data. The display will then show only the current time of day.

    You cannot record run data when the memory is full. If you start a run when the memory is full, the "MEM FULL" message will blink twice.

    Upload your runs to your NikePlus Profile to free space on your SportBand.

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