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    How do I change my Nike + iPod settings?

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    To activate Nike + iPod, tap the gear-shaped Settings icon on your iPhone or iPod touch home screen. Scroll down and select Nike + iPod.

    Toggle Nike + iPod to ON to activate the app. You can also change Nike + iPod settings, including:

    • PowerSong: Select one song from your music library to give you a boost when you need it most. Tap PowerSong to bring up the songs available on your device. Tap the song of your choice to select it as your PowerSong.
    • Spoken Feedback: Choose whether or not you want to hear in-run and post-run feedback in a male or female voice. To make your selection, tap Spoken Feedback and then tap either Male or Female to select that option. You can also tap Off to de-select all spoken feedback.
    • Distances: Choose to see Nike + iPod run distances displayed in miles or kilometers on your iPhone or iPod touch. Tap Distances and then tap either Miles or Kilometers to select that option.
    • Weight: Enter your weight to help Nike + iPod calculate total calories burned during your run. If weight is left blank, calories burned will not be displayed. Tap Weight and then use the onscreen scroll wheel to select your weight in pounds or kilograms.
    • Lock Screen: Select whether you want Nike + iPod to display Portrait, Landscape Left, or Landscape Right. Tap Lock Screen and then tap Portrait, Landscape Left, or Landscape Right to select that option.
    • Sensor: Tap Sensor to link a Nike+ Running Sensor. Follow the onscreen and spoken prompts to activate your new sensor.
    • Remote: Tap Remote to access the Nike+ WatchRemote activation screen. Press the button on your remote to activate it. You'll see an onscreen message letting you know your remote has been recognized by your mobile device.
    • Reset Calibration: Tap Reset Calibration to remove the Nike+ Sensor calibration from your settings.
    • Go to NikePlus: Opens the NikePlus activity page.

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