As of 4.30.18, we are retiring the Nike+ FuelBand, Nike+ SportWatch, and additional older technologies. Find out what this means for your NikePlus data and download the NRC and NTC apps to continue to track your progress.

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    What are the features of the Nike+ SportWatch GPS?

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    The following are the key features of the Nike+ SportWatch GPS:

    • GPS by TomTom: The SportWatch GPS can be used with or without a sensor. If you use the SportWatch with a sensor, GPS by TomTom and the Nike+ Running Sensor allow you the option to run indoors (on a treadmill or indoor track) or outdoors (even through an "urban canyon" or other areas where the GPS signal may be weak). Note: If the GPS signal is weak or you run indoors, the GPS information (mapping, distance, elevation) will not be captured.
    • Heart Rate Compatibility: The SportWatch GPS can track your heart rate with the Polar WearLink+ Heart Rate Transmitter (sold separately).
    • Run History: The SportWatch GPS stores the history of your most recent 50 runs.
    • Personal Records: The SportWatch GPS stores your Personal Records of all Nike+ runs (any PR synced on any Nike device, not just on the Nike+ SportWatch GPS).
    • Run Reminders: The SportWatch GPS displays encouraging reminders when a run has not been logged in the past five days (this feature can be turned off using Nike+ Connect).
    • Attaboys: A message acknowledging your accomplishment will be displayed on your SportWatch GPS after you achieve a personal record. (Your personal records are calculated based on all the run info you've recorded using NikePlus, not just the runs you've logged on your watch.)
    • Direct Connect: A USB connector is molded into the watch strap, allowing you to plug the watch directly into a USB port on your computer and upload run data or recharge the battery. The SportWatch GPS is also packaged with a USB extension cable.
    • High Contrast Display: The SportWatch GPS features a memory LCD that offers high contrast for the best in-motion experience and ultra-low power consumption.
    • Tap interface: Activates backlight or marks laps, simply tap the display to activate the backlight or to mark laps during your run. To enable the tap screen to mark laps function, open the Laps & Intervals tab in Nike+ Connect and select "Manual Laps (tap screen to mark laps)."
    • NikePlus: All run data is sent to NikePlus where you can see where you ran, find great new routes, connect with friends, reach new levels, and set goals; all perks of being a part of the world's largest running club.

    The Nike+ SportWatch does not offer turn-by-turn directions or a compass. Runners can plan and review routes before and after a run online by signing in to NikePlus.

    The Nike+ SportWatch GPS does not count steps; it can track laps and distance.

    For reasons of personal privacy, it is not possible for others to track you as you run with your Nike+ SportWatch GPS. You can, however, choose to share your run information, including the mapped route of your run, with your Nike friends online after your run has been uploaded.

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