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    How do I stop a run on Nike + iPod?

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    You can stop your Nike + iPod run at any time. If you continue working out after you reach your time, distance, or calorie goal, your Nike + iPod will continue to monitor your progress.

    Choose your device from the list below and follow the steps to stop your Nike + iPod run:

    iPod nano (6th generation)
    1. Tap the screen
    2. Tap the "Pause" icon
    3. Tap "End Workout"
    iPod nano (generations 1-5)
    1. Press the Center button
    2. Press the Menu button
    3. Scroll to "End Workout"
    iPhone or iPod touch

    To stop your Nike + iPod run using an iPhone or iPod touch, tap "End Workout" at the bottom of the screen. Nike + iPod will display the "Summary" screen for your run.

    To pause your run, tap the "Pause" icon in the middle of the display. You can resume your run by pressing the "Play" icon in the middle of the screen.

    After you end your run, upload your Nike + iPod run to NikePlus.

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