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    How do I start a heart rate workout with my Nike+ SportWatch GPS?

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    Before starting a heart rate workout, you must link the Polar WearLink+ Heart Rate Transmitter to your Nike+ SportWatch GPS. Once you've linked both devices, be sure you are correctly wearing the Polar WearLink+.

    Begin a heart rate run on your SportWatch by scrolling to run on the SportWatch main menu and making sure "Heartrate" is on. Select "continue".

    The SportWatch will search for the appropriate sensor. Once your sensor is linked, the watch will read "ready". Select start to begin your run.

    Verify heart rate workout settings on Nike+ SportWatch GPS

    Use both your shoe sensor and Polar WearLink+ heart rate transmitter to get the most out of your run, including pace, distance, time, calories burned, and beats per minute.

    You can complete a heart rate run without the sensor if your GPS is on and you run outdoors with a GPS signal. Your SportWatch will still capture GPS and heart rate information (beats per minute). If you run indoors or without a GPS signal and shoe sensor, your SportWatch will capture run time and heart rate information only.

    If you don't want your SportWatch to search for the heart rate sensors, go to the run screen, scroll to "Heartrate" and click the Select button to toggle off.

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