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    How do I start a Nike+ SportBand heart rate workout?

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    Before starting a Nike+ SportBand heart rate workout, you must first link the Polar WearLink+ heart rate transmitter to the SportBand.

    Once linked, press and hold the SportBand's Record button (on top of the device). Both the shoe and heart icons will blink on the SportBand. Walk around in order to activate your shoe sensor and your heart rate transmitter. When the shoe sensor is detected, the shoe icon will stop blinking. When the heart rate transmitter is detected, the heart icon will stop blinking.

    You are now ready to run and monitor your heart rate. Press the SportBand Record button one more time to start recording.

    If you run without the Nike+ Running Sensor in your shoe, the SportBand will only show Beats Per Minute (BPM), calories burned and time elapsed. If you run with the sensor and Polar WearLink+ heart rate transmitter, your SportBand will also show distance and pace information.

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