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    How do I calibrate the Nike+ SportBand Sensor?

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    The Nike+ SportBand measures distance around 90 percent accuracy. You can improve accuracy by calibrating the Nike+ Sensor to your natural running and walking strides. For best accuracy, calibrate for both walking and running.

    Follow these steps to calibrate the Nike+ SportBand Sensor:

    1. Record a workout on your SportBand of at least 400 meters at a steady, natural pace. For best results, we recommend running or walking at least one mile on a certified track. See more Nike+ Sensor calibration tips.
    2. After completing your run or walk, plug the SportBand into your computer. If the workout is eligible for calibration, you will see "Calibrate to improve accuracy" in the Nike+ Connect message bar. Within the message bar, click "MORE" to proceed with the calibration process.
      Nike+ Connect software message: Calibrate to improve accuracy. More button.
    3. Enter the true distance of your workout and click "Apply." You'll receive a confirmation that your Sensor is now calibrated.

    The original, pre-calibration distance will upload to NikePlus. The adjustment you make in the calibration tab will be used to improve the accuracy of future SportBand workouts.

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