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    Nike+ FuelBand SE sizing

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    Nike+ FuelBand SE sizing is available in Small, Medium/Large and Extra Large. Nike+ FuelBand SE is designed to fit snugly and comfortably on your wrist, with a fit similar to a watch. It comes with two optional extender links you can use to customize your fit.

    Here are some details about the three FuelBand SE sizes:

    • Small (5.79 inches/147 mm circumference): Suitable for most women
    • Medium/Large (6.77 inches/172 mm circumference): Suitable for most men and for most women 5'8"-6'1" and 165-230 pounds
    • Extra Large (7.76 inches/197 mm circumference): Suitable for men 6'4" or taller and/or 240 pounds or more

    To view our size and fit guides, please click the link below for your country and language:

    To adjust FuelBand SE sizing, remove the pre-installed 8mm link (to make it smaller) or replace the 8mm link with the 16mm link (to make it larger). To remove a link, press the pin on the sizing tool into the hole in the link until the link releases. If you no longer have your sizing tool, a paper clip will work, too.

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